Thursday, May 8, 2014

There Is Art In Everything

Some define art as painting or drawing with mixed media....and that's okay. Being that I am just a little over the top I believe that in everything something creative can be found. This photo by Roman Solowiej.......for starters, look at the depth and the way that the light reflects the details. 

A really cool brass door handle....picture from MPression...article by Jon Peters. I love the way the design flows outside of the square box! It always reminds me to think outside of the different's okay to not to be traditional!

Mother Nature reminds us that she has her own way of expressing her art:) This Snowy Egret photo by Werner Bollmann makes me laugh just a bit! Sorry dear Egret you are having a bad hair I love the distinctive color in the face. 

And last but not least for now a 1948 Buick Streamliner Norman E Timbs found on lines and just really cool looking! Such smoothe lines and such a modern design !  Truthfully not a huge car fan, but I could love one of these really easily!

These are just a sampling of how art touches out lives everyday without thought sometimes. Tomorrow go as we go about our busy lives take a minute and see what you can find....

Blessings :)