Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Brand New World...... A Build a Line Challenge Blog Hop! ( part 1 of 3 )

This piece describes me in a nutshell. I am a Capricorn that has been blessed with both the conservative and creative side! The bottom of this pendant is grounded and strong. It is woven Viking Knit. The upper half is where the crazy lives! The twisty turning wire curls are free form and have their own personality! I began my next 50 years last week..... so  for the next 50, I am focusing on creating my art and being grateful that I have the opportunity to partake in the Build A Line Challenge.

Several years ago,  I had some hand surgery and wondered how can I create with one hand in a cast for 8 weeks? The answer....metal clay! I bought a kiln and some clay and went to town making some pendants and charms.  After I knew that I was going to love this medium......the price of silver skyrocketed! Rut Ro.....time to find a less expensive creative outlet......enter.... wire and beads!

Geometry.....the thought of that class back in High School makes me nauseous. With my creative mind in full force it made no sense to me to have to understand postulates and theorems. So why would I choose Geometry for my theme for BALC ? Because now it will challenge me to take some gorgeous vintage pieces from  and create a line that is outside of my personal box.   


When we were little, we had the rec room. It was the place where all of the toys and art supplies lived. Well, just because we are now older does not mean that we cannot have that same space to play. (Yes, in case you were wondering this room does get to be a wreck! ) Our toys are different...our supplies are no longer finger paints, construction paper and paste.....we now play with beads, wire and torches!

When I first started making jewelry I was just playing around to see what would come of it. I never imagined that there would be so much opportunity to be creative and sell what was made. As I fast forward these years I am excited to be able to create and sell. The journey has begun. Here are the tools for the next few months!

The links below will take you to visit the rest of this group that are joining me! Please show them love and support by visiting their blogs as well. A few kind words always go a long way! Much love,

many Blessings to all of you!