Friday, May 9, 2014

8 Th Bead Soup Reveal

 Today is the day that we have been waiting for !   

For those who are asking,"What's bead soup"?..well... I will tell ya....Bead Soup is a creatively special event hosted by the beautiful Lori Anderson.  

Lori is a fabulous designer, author, loving wife and mom to an amazing little boy who is so clever and talented too! 
Please check out Lori's book:

  Last February we signed up for this annual event. We were given a bead swap partner and then asked to create designs with the beads that we were given.We could use all or few, as well as a mix of our own stash. We must use the focal and clasp that we are given,( not necessarily in the same design ) anything else is the sky's the limit!

  Here is my awesome soup that I was given by my swap partner Valerie Kravette..... hmmmmm..... how did she know that I loved these colors? In the center is my focal, an adorable dragonfly and the clasp ( yeah I know its kind of hard to see....I never swore that I was a great photographer! ) a smaller version of the cute little dragonfly.

I don't know what is more fun....thinking of the endless possibilities or actually spending hours playing with beads ????  lol.....don't know........ we will have to address that in another post :)

So without further ado... 
Meet my Bead Soup partner Valerie Kravette  

She is quite creative in many ways!  A dancer, vocalist, and jewelry artist are among her gifts that we can all enjoy visually and audibly.... She also has a lifetime gift to give to others. She has been blessed with the ability to help us along with our journey as we are today. As a Certified Life and Law of Attraction Coach, Valerie gives us the tools to create the life that we were meant to have from our own Creator. Using techniques such as Hypnotherapy and NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) she helps us " retrain our brain " to focus on the positive, eliminate bad habits and achieve a healthy outlook! Once we let go of the things that drag us down in our subconscious,( junk from past relationships, parents etc )  .......look out world...HERE WE COME!  

And now drum roll please.......  
Here are my designs from a big 'ole bowl of delicious soup:
Before and after....



I thought that these were so cute that I could not let them hang out under my earrings they became! Mixed with Swarovski Crystal Elements and faceted Glass Beads...these are meant to be a bit mismatched!
This is my focal......a bronze metal dragonfly which in the totem world means adaptability in life and wisdom of transformation......hmmmmm, this makes so much sense to me!
 And after....cold connected  via copper tack to a brass disk that I etched and patina'd, highlighted with Swarovski Crystal Elements and Crystazzi Rhinestones.

Springy color turquoise leaves and beads.....
                        And last but not least!                    

some fun silvery gray blue Glass Beads and Pearls mixed in with Pyrite. These are 3 separate bracelets on memory wire with copper wire wrapped beads.
There is still more to play with....and indeed I will !

Many thanks to Lori and her wonderful hubby for helping out.....her young man Zach and of course Valerie Kravette!

Blessings to all of you.....enjoy the hop!

Now ........lets check out Valerie's blog:
Its almost time for the big reveal!!

Lori Anderson Bead Soup Blog Hop......tonight at midnight!