Thursday, March 31, 2016

   Well.....we made it!! This is the 3rd and final blog hop of the Build a Line Challenge 2016....sponsored by Brenda Sue Landsdowne of Back in December of 2015, I came across this opportunity to participate in this challenge....WOWZA......I am so happy that I did.  I was unsure of what to expect. I have participated in many bead " challenges " in my past...but have never built a " cohesive " line. As a creative person,  I look at a bead, or metal and play with it until it becomes what it wants to be.  We have certainly learned massive amounts of information over the past 3 months. This class has taught me to think differently, and simplify my designs so that they can be recreated as they sell in a limited time frame.  I have learned to be more thoughtful of my process, so that I can have adequate supplies on hand at all times to recreate something that sells quickly. I would like to thank Brenda Sue Landsdowne for offering a piece of her success to all of us. I appreciate all of your vast knowledge that you are willing to share with us so that we may grow and keep jewelry artistry alive. I would like to thank my Dad and my other half Mark for encouraging me to spend this time absorbing and creating.....and my dear friends and  JTV Jewel School Family JTV Jewel School 
for always loving and supporting.

                                       On with the show! The reveal of Classy Brassy :

Ovaluation:   This is where this journey began. The first piece came together in a heartbeat.....  well sort of! I initially had a million ideas in my head as to how I dreamed that this would come together. Then we started to learn about keeping a line simple, something that can be replicated. Rut-roh......a little evaluation was necessary. If you look back to the past two blog hops , we posted pictures of materials that we intended to use along the way. I can say that there are very few that I actually did use. So with this first piece I have titled Oval -uation :  The geometric shape of the oval. The back of this piece is finished just as the front so that it is just as interesting from another perspective.

Tri- anotherangle :  When at first you do not succeed, find another way. Not happy with my first run of these earrings, I started looking around at other things that I bought from B'Sueboutiques.....then it clicked. I took advantage of the natural curve of the cuff bracelet and made these earrings: The geometric shape of the triangle. The backs are also finished.

Wrecktangled : While playing with this one I really goofed yesterday! SO I recreated this on the fly. Lesson learned.....dont over fix something.....but if you do, even the things that we " wreck" can turn out better than the original. The geometric shape of the rectangle :

 ( It's )Hip to be Square:   So says Huey Lewis anyway! I wanted to highlight the center square of this cuff. I had many ideas in mind, but came across these square beads. My love of all things dimensional took over and turned out more modern than I had thought of. Geometric shape of the square:

Running in Circles: This is certainly the way that I have been feeling these past few weeks! We have learned so much and I am very thankful for the opportunity to take part in this class. It is tough and it will make you think outside of the box for sure. I highly recommend taking the next one! This piece I believe is my favorite. Even though my head is spinning in circles it is also the symbol of unending love. EVERYTHING we do does come full circle. The geometric shape of the circle:

So there we have it.......  Classy Brassy, a geometric journey of jewelry!  Thank you so much for hopping with me for the past three months!  Please pour a cup of coffee and enjoy my classmates blogs too......